A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Hyper Farming is an arcade game with a five-minute timer. In that time you collect plant seeds and grow those plants to increase your score, as well as afford upgrades.

Bronze - 1000 points

Silver - 2500 points

Gold - 5000 points

Please leave your score in the comments!



Left Click - Select, Plant, Interact

Right Click (and drag) - Adjust Camera

Middle Mouse - Camera Zoom

R - Reset Game

I - Inventory



HyperFarming_Alpha0-1-2_mac.zip 53 MB
HyperFarming_Alpha0-1-2_win64.zip 49 MB

Install instructions

Unzip on Windows computer, run .EXE

Unzip on Mac, ..., Profit? I don't have a Mac to test


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Had a lot of fun with this! Once you get into the flow of things you'll be sad the timer runs out haha